MCV-3L 20-150 PSIG Manual Control Valve

Item Code: Feb-30


The Becker™ Manual Control Valve (MCV) Series provides manual operation of pneumatic valve
actuators. The MCV Series is well suited for maintenance and manual operation of control valves, and it allows the user to override the primary control instrumentation and move the control valve actuator to any position. The unique safety button feature of the MCV helps mitigate against unintentional operation.


  • Ideal for operation of control valve actuators during routine maintenance or emergency situations

  • Helpful in facilitating troubleshooting of control instrumentation as well as valve actuators

  • Reliable, with a maintenance-free design

  • Safer, with a unique safety button feature that prevents accidental operation

  • Compatible with almost all pneumatic valve actuators

  • Available with handle lock out provision and limit switch

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