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At Tri-Pacific, we are passionate about making your life easier. Our team of experienced pros is ready to assist you with whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We believe that good people are the key to our success. We only partner with people and brands that adhere to our standards of quality, integrity, and excellence, because we know how frustrating it can be to work with unreliable manufacturers.

When you partner with us, you get access to the best names in the business, on top of an incredible team of people with tons of experience and knowledge in the field that can help find products, facilitate trainings, and troubleshoot problems in the field.

Reach out to us today and become part of the Tri-Pacific family; we’re excited to work with you.

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Find Your Sales Rep

Jimmy Weaver

Jimmy Weaver

Santa Rosa, CA

Outside Sales: Northern CA, Northern, NV

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith

Rocklin, CA

Outside Sales: Northern CA, Northern NV

Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon

Paso Robles, CA

Outside Sales: Southern CA, Southern NV, Arizona, Hawaii

Russ Montano

Russ Montano

Los Angeles, CA

Outside Sales: Southern CA, Southern NV, Arizona, Hawaii

Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson

Greeley, CO

Outside Sales: CO, WY, MT, ID, NM, UT, Northern AZ

Gary Fortin

Gary Fortin

Tacoma, WA

Outside Sales: WA, OR

Jimmy Weaver ( Sales Rep - Northern CA)
Jimmy Weaver
Northern CA, Northern NV
Jordan Smith (Sales)
Jordan Smith
Northern CA, Northern, NV
Rob Otis (Sales)
Rob Otis
Engineer, PNW and Rockies
Howie Lyon (Senior Sales)
Howard Lyon
Southern CA, Southern NV, AZ, HI
Russ Montano (Sales)
Russ Montano
Southern, CA, Southern, NV, AZ, HI
Dan Thompson (Sales Rep - Mountain State)
Dan Thompson
CO, WY, MT, ID, NM, UT, Northern AZ

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