VRP-1000-SB-CH Pilot, Al Body



The Becker VRP-B-CH balanced seat, double-acting pilot provides pressure control when utilized with a double-acting piston actuated control valve. The VRP-B-CH measures downstream sensing pressure and positions the double-acting actuator to maintain the desired downstream pressure. The VRP-B-CH pilot may be used for pressure control applications with setpoints ranging from 3 psig to 1500 psig. The Becker CH pilot design represents our commitment to continually develop new products and update existing ones to increase their performance while retaining simple operation and low maintenance.


  • Simple cost effective pneumatic control

  • Pressure setpoints from 1.0 psig (6.9 kPa) to 1500 psig (10342 kPa)

  • Setpoint accuracy of ±0.75% of setpoint

  • ZERO steady state bleed emissions eliminate atmospheric emissions

  • Bleed to Pressure System (BPS™) eliminates all emissions by maintaining all gas within the piping system

  • Compatible with most manufacturer’s spring return actuated control valves

  • Quick and easy retrofit replaces high bleed pneumatic controllers and positioners

  • Design specifically suited for natural gas pipelines and distribution systems

  • Rugged design is vibration resistant and suitable for demanding pipeline applications

  • Easy, intuitive adjustment and maintenance techniques greatly minimize training

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