T-Ball Control Valve


Natural gas systems are in the quest for maximum capacity and operational efficiency. As a result of trying to meet increasing market demands, many regulator station designs are exceeding the performance envelope of other control valve manufacturers. When it comes to high demand natural gas regulation requirements, the Becker T-Ball Control Valve series offers a series of valves that can help you to optimize your system’s performance.

Baker Hughes’ solution can take on demanding applications that require aggressive noise attenuation, high pressure differentials, large mass flow volumes and extreme precision. In addition, the Becker T-Ball can handle a variety of media from sweet natural gas to multiphase service to corrosive sour gas.


  • Decreased station footprint

  • Improved system operating efficiency

  • Increased reliability and life span

  • Reduction of manual operation and maintenance

  • Significant decrease in fugitive emissions

  • Simpler and safer operating conditions for field personnel

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