STANDARD Magnetic Tag Line Tool

Item Code: STS-001


SAFE-T-STIK is a fixed length magnetic push/pull tool for guiding and positioning suspended loads. No-touch safety is a BIG deal, SAFE-T-STIK helps workers and employees keep distance between potentially dangerous or hazardous suspended steel loads. Having a safety plan and an "OUT" when things go wrong is critical. SAFE-T-STIK gives employees complete push/pull control and full range of motion. Employees have more situational awareness by having some distance and ability to see more. Our super magnet or neodymium magnet weighs 1 LB and is a proprietary dual steel ring design with subtle but necessary design details which help achieve over 500 LBS of magnetic grip force and added durability. SAFE-T-STIK is lightweight yet manufactured using materials and assembly processes that result in a super strong, durable, adaptable and easy-to-use product. SAFE-T-STIK is patented and proven all over the world in demanding operations.


  • Length: 54 inches

  • Tool Weight: 6.5 LBS

  • Magnet: 400 LBS of horizontal push/pull force (on 1" thick clean & smooth steel)

  • Handle: T-Handle grip (adjustable)

  • Color: Bright orange w/ hi vis reflective bands

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