Spectra O2 Analyzer

Item Code: OXY5500


The OXY5500 oxygen analyzer is a compact, stand-alone, single channel analyzer that uses quenched fluorescence (QF) technology to reliably measure oxygen in natural gas and gas processing applications. A sensor probe is inserted into the process stream and is connected to the controller by an optical fiber. Featuring an LCD display and built-in data logger, the OXY5500 also has full sample conditioning systems available as well as software for a PC interface.


  • Natural gas quality measurements in production, storage, transportation, and distribution

  • Monitoring in natural gas, upstream of production and gathering sites

  • Measurable range from ppm levels to 0-20% O2

  • Trace measurements as low as 0-10 ppmv oxygen in hydrogen for electrolyzer applications

  • Ideal for CCUS applications since optical oxygen measurement is unaffected by CO2 or H2S in the process

  • Channels - 1

  • Analyte and Measurement ranges - O2 (Oxygen): 0 to 100 ppmv (minimum), 0 to 20% volume (maximum)

  • Measured Variables - Concentration, Cell Pressure, Cell Temperature

  • Ambient Temperature Range - -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)

  • Operating Pressure Range - Inlet Pressure: 140 to 275 kPa (20 to 40 psig), Sample Cell: 800 to 1200 mbara

  • Analyzer Wetted Materials - 304 & 316 stainless steel FKM O-Rings

  • Power Supply - 108 to 253 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 5.3 Watts at 120VAC; 6.6 Watts at 240VAC OR 9 to 30 VDC (CSA), 18 to 30 VDC (IECEx/ATEX); 4.7 Watts at 24VDC

  • Communication - Analog Output: Two 4-20 mA outputs, Analog Input: One 4-20 mA input (sample pressure), Fieldbus: RS-232C, RS-485, & Ethernet 10/100 with Modbus, Output Relays: Qty 2, 250 mA max load (Concentration and Fault Alarms), USB 2.0 Works With Service Software Only, 4 GB Internal Memory with Internal Data Logging

  • Housing Materials - Electronics: 304 or 316L stainless steel

  • Hazardous Area Approvals - ATEX / IECEx - Zone 2 CSA Class I, Division 2

  • Degree of Protection - IP64, Type 4X

  • Product Safety - CE, RCM, FCC

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