Series 20S Stainless Steel Pilot, PRV, Purple

Item Code: FP-28


The Series 20 Flowgrid™ pilot is a reversible pressure-control regulator designed primarily for use as a control pilot with unloading-type pilot systems for pressure-reducing (PRV), backpressure (BPV or Relief), and differential-pressure (DPV) applications. The Series 20 pilot is designed for both gas and liquid applications.


  • Series 20S Stainless Steel 60-200 Psig PRV

  • Easy removal of the cartridge permits quick disassembly and assembly which is universal to all pilots

  • Reversing valve stem converts pressure reducing to back pressure

  • Pressure boost feature

  • Ease of spring change

  • Cap cover protects adjusting screw

  • Sealed spring case

  • Flexibility with six different springs to cover pressure settings from 3 psi to 900 psig (0.21 to 62 bar)

  • Convert Series 20 to 20H with a high pressure diaphragm kit

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