O-Scent Antifreeze

Item Code: 72096


O-Scent neutralizes any gas odor smell very efficiently and rapidly. It works on all Sulfur-related odor. O-Scent can be used to treat airborne odors, liquid spills, contaminated tools, odorizers parts and clothing. It is powerful enough to perform decontamination of tanks. O-Scent is uniquely based on the chemisorption technology. Diluted in water, O-Scent chemically bonds to odor causing molecules and neutralizes them very rapidly.

O-Scent is not a cover-up but leaves behind a light and fresh scent.

O-Scent Antifreeze is an innovative product which ensures an effective odor control in winter conditions.


  • Can be used below 32°F (0°C), down to -20°F (-29°C).

  • Neutralizes any gas odorant very efficiently and rapidly.

  • It must be sprayed: the finer the mist is, the faster you will eliminate an airborne stench.

  • O-Scent Antifreeze neutralizing agent is a key product to develop an odorant spill emergency response protocol.

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