Model H2S/TS MEDOR Gas Chromatograph

Item Code: INT-6001-H2S/TS


The H2S/TS MEDOR Gas Chromatograph provides the platform for accurate, dependable, and reliable gas stream sulfurs measurement for H2S/TS monitoring. The H2S/TS MEDOR operates in place of existing instrumentation or provides a value added platform to control and validate your gas stream for H2S/TS monitoring. Utilizing a proven technique and combined with the reliability of industrial control the H2S/TS MEDOR will automatically operate, validate and report.


  • MEDOR platforms operate with Vistachrom software

  • Eliminates the complexity in gas measurement by measuring sulfurs directly

  • The H2S/TS MEDOR will self-validate and adjust automatically

  • The H2S/TS MEDOR offers the lowest upfront cost to operate

  • Only requires bi weekly observation and will run to the 1 year mark before needing to replace any parts

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