Marshalltown, 0-3000 psi 2″ wi

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Marsh Instruments Liquid-Filled Gauges are designed to perform in rugged applications and harsh environmental conditions where pulsation and vibration are a problem. Liquid Filled Gauges offer a significant cushioning and dampening effect, reducing pointer flutter and internal gauge damage; also lubricating the internals, and reducing corrosion. All stainless steel Liquid Filled Gauges feature a ventable top fill plug for pressure relief and ease of venting after installation. The high pressure ranges offer a Helical Bourdon Tube for longer gauge life and increased durability. The hermetically sealed construction reduces the chance of leaks, and makes field filling an easy option.


  • Accuracy - ASME Grade B – ±3/2/3% (±2% of range across middle half of scale)

  • Case Material - 304 Stainless Steel

  • Movement - Brass

  • Dial Standard - Dual scale PSIG and kPa

  • Dial Color - Black markings on white

  • Pointer - Aluminum, Black painted

  • Window - Polycarbonate

  • Fill Medium - Glycerine

  • Restrictor - Standard for all ranges

  • Vent Plug - Removable tip for venting

  • Case Size - 63mm

  • Internal-Tube & Socket - Copper Alloy

  • Mounting/Case Style - Center Back

  • Connection - 1⁄4 NPT

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