Genie 755 Direct Drive Probe

Item Code: 755-063-SS-004-18


Liquid carryover from the pipeline into the sample system should be prevented when sampling natural gas as it can directly impact the analysis and damage the analyzer. Genie® Probes™ provide a means to insert Genie® Membrane Technology™ directly into a pipeline for the purpose of separating unwanted liquid and particulate from the gas sample at flowing conditions; in compliance with industry standards.

The Model 755™ is an adjustable length, membrane tip probe regulator designed to sample transmission quality natural gas. The pressure regulator is built into the probe immediately downstream of the membrane, inside of the pipeline. Heat is transferred from the flowing pipeline gas to the regulator to prevent excessive JouleThomson cooling, helping to prevent condensation during pressure letdown.

This model can be inserted and extracted from a pressurized line through a full opening valve without the use of a special insertion device. It is important to note that some applications will require additional heat to be applied before pressure regulation, and possibly multiple stages of pressure reduction. Contact us for assistance in determining heating and pressure regulation requirements.


  • Unique, one piece body with Genie® Membrane Technology™

  • Analytically Correct™ design

  • Adjustable length

  • Antifriction internal thread die

  • Optional speed wrench for faster installation

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