Becker FEP-30 Pilot

Item Code: F3JP-LDXX-3XXX


Introduction Becker’s FEP-CH Series single-acting pilot represents a breakthrough in valve control technology for the natural gas industry. Built to exacting specifications, this easily maintained unit offers highly accurate control characteristics over a wide range of operating environments. Description The Becker FEP-CH single-acting pilot provides pressure control when utilized with a boot or diaphragm style regulator. The FEP-CH measures downstream sensing pressure and positions the control element of the regulator to maintain the desired downstream pressure. The FEP-CH pilot may be utilized for pressure control applications with setpoints ranging from 3 psig to 600 psig. The FEP-CH design pilot represents commitment to continually develop new products and update existing ones to increase their performance while retaining simple operation and low maintenance.


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