Becker FEP-175-CH pilot aluminum body

Item Code: H7JP-YDXX-3XXX


The FEP-175-CH Pilot is a reversible pressure control pilot (seat & nozzle design) that is used in conjunction with Flexflo® Regulators to provide pressure control. The FEP-175-CH is typically utilized for high performance pressure control applications such as power plants. Applications include: pressure reduction, monitor regulators, backpressure control, and relief valves. The FEP features a friction-free design, sensitive sensing diaphragm, high sensitivity and minimal droop. Additionally, note that the FEP-175-Ch Pilot is a submersible design that is ideally suited for vault applications that fill with water.


  • Control Range: 1-600 psig (7-4137 kPa)

  • Available Action: Pressure Reducing Back Pressure/Relief

  • Flow Media: Gas

  • Dimensions: 14.625” x 3.75’ diameter (371mm x 95mm diameter)

  • Compatible Regulators: 83, 900 TE Flexflo® Regulators

  • Temp. Range: -20°F to 160°F (-29°C to 71°C)

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