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Looking for the most advanced, best performing and modern digital pressure gauge on the market? Congratulations, you’ve just found it! Additel’s ADT685 digital pressure gauges are in a class of their own with an amazingly easy to use and read touchscreen display. The all new modern menu structure and control interface bring a new and refreshing experience to gauge work. This completely new way of interfacing with our gauges makes the ADT685 gauges a real pleasure to use. With microprocessor technology, state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors and
plenty of onboard storage capacity, these attractive and fully temperature compensated gauges will provide the performance, durability and reliability you’ve come to expect from genuine Additel products. To provide support for intrinsically safe needs, the ADT685Ex comes ready to provide pressure measurements and recordings in the most demanding of environments. Each Additel 685 is also IP67 rated to protect your investment in dusty and/or wet environments.

A Modern User Experience:
Additel has gone above and beyond to provide our customers with the best possible
experience when using these new and revolutionary gauge. The 3.4 inch touchscreen display
comes with a protective replaceable tempered glass screen and is a refreshing update to the
traditional push button or blister pad interface. With an easy to navigate menu structure and
fast touchscreen response, you will find these ADT685 gauges simple yet powerful to use. The
easy to read display isn’t just fun to use, but it’s built rugged to handle the demands of a busy
technician in the field or the laboratory.

Every model measures Gauge or Absolute Pressure:
The Additel 685 Digital Pressure Gauges contain a built-in barometer sensor which
allows for the pressure reading to display in gauge pressure or absolute pressure with a
simple menu selection. The built-in barometer is calibrated and certified to an accuracy
of 55 Pa. With this unique feature, the ADT685 can be a solution for three common
applications: gauge pressure measurement, absolute pressure measurement, and
barometric or atmosphere pressure measurement. Having an Additel as your gauge will
always give you the ability to do more with one instrument!

Datalogging Option:
We've added the option to do stand-alone data logging with the ADT685. Now you can record more than 10M records internal to the 685 series. Each record includes date, time, pressure and temperature readings. Download the logged data with our free Additel/Land software or you can purchase our Additel/Log II for real-time logging and data analysis. Additel's 685 digital pressure gauges are unmatched in performance and reliability. You get nothing but the best when you buy Additel Products!

Pressure ranges up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)
0.02%, 0.05%FS or 0.1%RD accuracy
Fully temperature compensated accuracy
Every model measures Gauge or Absolute Pressure
Built-in Barometer
Touchscreen display
Intrinsically safe version 685Ex (optional)
Bluetooth and USB communications
Data logging (optional)
IP67 rated
Communicates with Additel's Link Mobile App
ISO 17025-accredited calibration w/data included


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