5220N 200Watt TEG @ 24VDC with

Item Code: 300635

Gentherm Thermoelectric Generator 5220N-24-SI-SO-DF-C: 5220N: Series of TEG (Thermoelectric Generator), 24: 24V adjustment 24-30V, power rating 178 Watt, SI: automatic spark ignition, SO: automatic fuel shut-off, fuel natural gas: 19.7 m3/day (700 Sft3/day) 1000 BTU/Sft3 (37.7 MJ/SM3) gas max 115 mg/Sm3 (170ppm) H2S max 120 mg/Sm3 H2O max 1% free O2, propane: 28.0 l/day (7.4 US gal/day), max. supply pressure: 345 kPa (50psi), min. supply pressure: 165 kPa (24psi), fuel connection: 1/4” male NPT (National Pipe Thread)


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