4″ ANSI 300, Type A Flangeless Valve

Item Code: FG-107-100-75


The 4” Single Port Type A Flangeless Flowgrid® Valve is an economical and easy to maintain top entry pilot operated valve for both gas and liquid applications. This space saving valve has a face to face dimension of only 4.50” for the 150/300 CL valve. The face to face dimension is the same as the American Axial Flow™ regulator, making the top entry Flowgrid® valve an ideal replacement.


  • Temp - Working -20°F to 150°F, Emergency -40°F to 175°F

  • Max. Operating Differential 740 psi

  • Max. Emergency Differential 740 psi

  • Max. Inlet Pressure 740 psig

  • Outlet Pressure Range Limited By Pilot

  • Body Taps One 1/4” - 18NPT

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