4″ ANSI 150 Flowgrid Noise Controller

Item Code: FGNC-39-100-75


The FG-NC is designed with exclusive Baker Hughes patent-pending technology. Avoid costly noise attenuation alternatives such as building a shed, wall, dirt berm, noise manifold and others. Because the FG-NC is integrated into the top entry design of the Mooney™ Flowgrid regulator, installation can be done in-line with ease. Cost effectiveness, easy installation and reliable performance are just some of the reasons customers prefer the FG-NC.
At Baker Hughes we provide our customers with more than a highly engineered product and reliable technical support. We offer free training videos to our customers that cover the products’ principles of operation, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. A 3D model library is also available free of charge. Contact your local representative for more information.
The FG-NC can either be factory installed or ordered as a retrofittable kit. The device has several unique features that provide value for our customers.


  • Reduction of noise measured up to 25 dBA

  • Top entry design

  • Low parts count

  • Durability – designed to last as long as the regulator

  • Performance – full ASME rating on both inlet and outlet

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