3″ ANSI 600 Full Build Slam

Item Code: SG-18-100DH-75-ANOB


The Slam Shut valve is an easy to maintain automatic emergency shutoff device. The Slam Shut is designed for use with a pressure reducing regulator to provide secondary downstream pressure
protection. The device is designed to shut off the flow of gas when the sense or downstream pressure in the system either exceeds or drops below the set point pressures. It can be used as a stand alone device or integrated with the 1 inch Flowgrid regulator. The 1 inch Mooney Slam Shut valve consists of a valve body with a bleed plate and cover mounted on top, and a Slam Shut actuator assembly mounted on the bottom of the body. The 1 inch Mooney Flowgrid Slam Shut also has a throttle plate, diaphragm, and main spring.


  • Easy to maintain; only two bolts required to remove entire Slam Shut assembly

  • Resistant to sticking due to freezing water or debris in pipeline

  • Well contained moving mechanical parts resistant to vibration effects

  • Excellent performance and accuracy across a large pressure range by changing only the spring

  • External visual indicator to show when the unit is tripped

  • Easy to reset; only three caps need to be removed for complete reset

  • High cycle applications; only one wear component

  • No pressure differential requirements for full shutoff

  • Spring Case Vent Chamber may to pressurized for remote trip or remote change of setpoint

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