2″ NPT ANSI 600 Large Port Flowgrid Regulator

Item Code: FG-27-100-75


Mooney Flowgrid™ Regulator is an easy-to-maintain valve for self-contained pilot systems that allows users to maintain pressure and flow control of almost any gas or liquid. The Mooney Flowgrid Regulator is well-suited for pressure reducing (PRV), back pressure or relief (BPV) flow control and multi-function control applications where reliable regulation, simplicity and ease-of-maintenance are important. As a self-contained, pilot-operated device, this advanced technology solution can offer substantial energy savings when compared to conventional air-operated or electrically operated control valves. Baker Hughes maintains strict quality and safety standards for the manufacturing of Mooney regulators, and has also secured the following verifications; ISO 9001, CRN, PED, along with others testifying to the safety and quality of the Mooney Flowgrid regulator.


  • End Connections NPT CL 600

  • Outlet Pressures 5” w.c. – 900 psi (0.01 bar - 62 bar)

  • Maximum Operating Differential 800 psi (55 bar)

  • Maximum Emergency Differential1 1000 psi (70 bar)

  • Cracking Differential 4 ± 1 psid (0.28 ± 0.07 bard)

  • Working Temperature -20°F to 150°F (-29°C to 66°C)

  • Min/Max Temperature -40°F to 175°F (-40°C to 79°C)

  • Flow Direction Bi-Directional

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