1″ ANSI 600 Special Weld Assembly

Item Code: FG-56-100DH-75/FP-27/24S/30S/A


The Mooney™ 1” Flowgrid valve is an economical and easy to maintain pilot operated valve for both gas and liquid applications. The valve is designed to be used in conjunction with a self-contained pilot control system as pictured. The 1” regulator is the perfect size when a “farm tap regulator” is too small. The low profile and easy in line maintenance make it ideal for skid mounted, vault and enclosure installations.mounted, vault and enclosure installations.


  • End Connections 1” CL 600 Flanged

  • Temperature Working -20°F to 150°F, Emergency -40°F to 175°F

  • Max. Operating Differential 1000 psi

  • Max. Emergency Differential 1500 psi

  • Max. Inlet Pressure 1480 psig (Limited by pilot or flange rating)

  • Outlet Pressure Range Limited By Pilot

  • Flow Direction Bi-Directional (Reverse flow by changing pilot connections and reversing spring case)

  • Body Taps Two 1/4” - 18NPT

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